Thursday, January 7, 2016

Megan Avalon on MuscleGIRLclips

Sexy Megan Avalon in the femaleMUSCLEmovies studio on

She's a sassy muscle beauty who knows how to dominate her men...pins, smothers, face sits, scissorholds.  Verbal taunting and teasing as she shakes her big tits while the male is pinned!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jasmine Ming: Featured NEW Studio

NEW studio on

VERY sexy Asian MuscleGIRL Jasmine Ming.  See her HUGE sexy calves...scissorholds, comparisons, flexing, bicep pumping,  feet, ass and leg worship and more:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Session Cam Beatdown!!!

SessionCam 6 part 1: The Beatdown
Another of Annie's Reality Session Series:  

Annie has a seasoned session guy in for a beatdown session.  For weeks they corresponded; him stating that he wanted her to go all out and show NO MERCY during their session.  Take him by surprise, beat him silly, c#oke him and scissorhold him like there's no tomorrow.  In this part she right off the bat administers a c#okehold that puts him down...while he's still down she assaults him with face slaps and belly punches.  The session has little breaks and some dialogue here and there but it's right back to skull crushing scissorholds, kicks and punches till they are both left breathless.  This is only part 1, more coming soon!! ** This video is highly unedited, fly on the wall set up with a camera candidly catching a REAL beatdown/scissorhold session**  In this video: #muscular women #face slapping #punching #scissorhold #head scissors 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Featured Studio: Alpha Females!

Lift and Carry, Mixed Wrestling, Muscle Domination, Forced Muscle Worship,
Victory Posing, Domination, Humiliation:   Alpha Females

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Female Muscle Clips

Featured Studio on is   LOTS of comparisons, HUGE and bulging FBB's and awesome unique shots, wide angle as well as the style of   Featured here are a few free sample shots taken directly from the videos:

Alannah Love and  Janeen Lankowski compare with a male!!

Muscle beauty from Trinidad, Kashma Maharaj

Super shoulders and arms of Kim Perez

Armwrestling with Leonie Rose and workout with Maria Segura

Amazing legs of Maria Segura and Tonia Moore!

Monday, February 2, 2015

More Lift and Carry on Muscle GIRL Clips

We had a great shoot the other day with Rapture!  Rapture is a session wrestler and model  who is trained in Jiu Jitsu.  Here is a peak at our lift and carry shoot:

Rapture and Annie:  Comparisons and Lift and Carry
Two muscle girls with two completely different body types:  Annie is 5'5"  vs. Rapture's Amazonian Goddess proportions of 5'10" !!  This is their first meeting so they get together and flex side by side comparing:  Biceps, Pecs, Quads, Hands and Feet.  After the comparison round Annie gives Rapture some body lifts: Fireman's Carry, Cradle, and a Piggy Back.  During the piggy back lift Rapture wraps her long legs around Annie and administers a scissorshold squeeze.   Annie is completely blown away by Rapture's amazing leg power and gasps in amazement!!     #muscular women   #lift and carry  #scissorhold  #body part comparison  #Amazon  #flexing #feet  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Goddess Samantha on

Goddess 'Samantha Muscle' is a well known Domme and Session wrestler in the Atlanta Ga. area; she kicks ass and takes names traveling all over the country as well!  If you want to see what it's like to be in the presence of this beautiful Goddess check out her clips on

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tatiana: Smother and Worship

VERY sensual muscleworship and smother scene with beautiful "Musclebunny" Tatiana Michelle.....she seduces him with her hard sexy muscles and administers breath controlling Breast Smothers as well as face sitting Ass Smothers.  In between smothers she talks sensually to him as she slowly flexes her muscles... 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Annie pumps up PECS and Biceps!

Hardcore FBB in the gym!!

A clip....Annie pumps up in a bikini and then strips it off nude...hardcore flexing, sweaty bicep pumping and Muscle Talk like no other FBB! Sexy, interacting with the viewer and hard grunting and groaning and sweating hardcore female muscle action in a hardcore gym. She loves her muscles and loves showing it off.

See more at:  and individual clips at:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maryse and Annie muscle worship

NEW video up now on !  Huge muscular FBB Maryse is admired and worshiped by Annie.  Biceps, calves....legs, chest.  Big hot muscle girls together for a muscle worship session.  Very Sexy!